The Computer Guy!

A Little Bit About Me My name is Michael Van Ert, my company is 612359 B.C. Ltd (catchy, isn’t it?) and I’m known as ‘The Computer Guy’. How did I pick the name? I didn’t, my clients picked it for me. In the beginning I’d go to my clients home and knock on the door and invariably the door would be answered by the person who called me and they’d ask “Are you The Computer Guy?”. I figured my clients knew best and if they thought I was ‘The Computer Guy’ who was I to argue? I’ve been ‘The Computer Guy!’ since 1992. I have built, repaired and upgraded thousands and thousands of computers from the original IBM XT 8088 based cpu to the latest from AMD and Intel. I am self-taught for the most part. Others may have an innate ability to play a musical instrument or are great with math, with me it is computers. They make sense to me, they challenge me and I enjoy repairing them.


1840 160 St., Surrey, BC Phone or text 778 987 6148