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People ask me this question all the time and my answer is the same all the time - "It depends." Some answer, eh?




It depends on how you use your system. If you use your computer for Internet access, the occasional Word or Excel document, email, FaceBook, Netflix, etc. then any computer running Windows 10 Home Premium with a minimum dual core 1.6GHz processor & 4GB of RAM memory will do just fine providing it is kept 'clean' and receives regular monthly maintenance. Mind you, this configuration is not quick and may drive you nuts with its' lack of speed, but it will work.


If you do a lot of photo and video editing or play games other than Solitaire the above system will drive you crazy. For that type of work I recommend you use a minimum of a dual core processor (Intel or AMD) with a minimum of 2.5GHz CPU speed rating per core, 8 GB RAM memory, 2GB video card, 500w power supply and a solid state hard drive of 250GB for programs and a storage drive of 2TB for photos and videos. This type of system will cost about $700.00 to $1,100.00.


Another signal that indicates an upgrade or new system is necessary is when your favorite programs stop working properly or you buy a new program or game and it won't load or work properly. Check the requirements carefully to find what the minimum hardware requirements are before buying new software or games.


Maybe you need a newer system but not a 'new' system, what then? There are a number of options, you can add more RAM memory (if your system allows it), add a faster hard drive either mechanical or solid state (best) or, remove the mainboard/motherboard, CPU, RAM and replace it with a current version components keeping your case, hard drive(s), video card and other add-on components. For about two thirds the price of a new system you achieve the same end results plus you'll have a warranty in place on all the new components.


Maybe the answer is a re-conditioned computer, one that is 'better' than what you have now but is a few years old running the most recent version of Windows or Mac OSX. I always have reconditioned systems available for sale and they all carry a 90 hardware warranty (batteries are excluded from this warranty because they are meant to fail).


Big question: How do you know what hardware your computer has? There is a program I use all the time that will sort this out for you, Speccy. It is simple to use and easy to install. Call me for more help with this program.


All of my custom computers costing over $750.00 have a 3 year warranty on the hardware and labour, ask me for details 778-987-6148.



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