The Computer Guy!

What I do I sell new and used computers. I sell new Lenovo's, Acer, Microsoft and MSI laptops. I custom build desktop / tower systems to your specifications. The systems I build come with warranties that are from one year to three years in length, depending on the build quality specified (Basically that means any computer costing in the $600.00 range will have a one year warranty and those that cost $700.00 and up will have a three year warranty. These prices are without the cost of software. I specialize in the selling of used computers, primarily laptops. I have rebuilt, repaired or refurbished them so they work at least as well as they did when new. I offer a 90 day hardware warranty that covers everything except batteries (laptops only) and is a repair or replace with the same or higher quality systems at my discretion and you agree to this when you purchase a used computer from me. I also offer a remote maintenance service whereby I access your computer using TeamViewer to solve problems or to update your computer software and to get rid of malicious software, i.e. spyware, viruses and malware. I offer this service as a one-time basis or on a monthly or quarterly basis. The cost of a one-time service is $75.00, quarterly is $180.00 and the monthly fee is $420.00. These services are purchased prepaid for one year. The monthly plan has the best value. Email or text me for more details. Pricing & Inventory My inventory changes all the time and prices range from a few dollars for some parts to thousands of dollars. Most used computers range from $150.00 to $700. Where to look I advertise on Craigslist Vancouver and on Facebook (Look for Mike Van Ert).
1840 160 St., Surrey, BC Phone or text 778 987 6148